RTP (Return To Player)

Information for partners!

RTP rate (Return To Player percentage) are strictly monitored in all licensed gambling. This is the official term, which is applicable to all categories of gambling. To calculate the the rtp use the following formula: amount won, divided by the amount won multiplied by 100%.

The developer of Casino software in order to be licensed must:

  • Specify the exact RTP;
  • Take into account the legal framework of the country in which it is supposed to use the software;
  • Be regularly tested for compliance with the requirements by the licensing authorities;
  • Features RTP index from a licensed online casino Fixed Gambling Payout to the player;
  • Casino owner can not change the RTP figures;
  • Independent regulators carry out mandatory inspections of the company - developer;
RTP algorithm of work shall not be disclosed, so even the most experienced players will not be able to predict the behavior of game and to develop an effective scheme for making bets winning.

Using the RTP rate of return, it is possible to determine the House Edge index - the profit earned by the owner of an online casino. House Edge calculated as: 100% minus the RTP indicator.