Unique Payout Algorythm

Payout percentage, or RTP (Return To Player) rate, is an essential part of the original Playtech System’s games. It is consistent with international GLI standards established for casinos and the gambling industry https://gaminglabs.com/.

The RTP percentage of Playtech’s slots varies only within 95.6- 96.5%, which provides a fair payout rate.

What does this mean?

By playing Playtech online slots, players stand a chance to get a certain percentage of their bets in return. Thus, they will not lose their interest in the game, even when they constantly lose. Slight gains will only heat the excitement and fun.

The algorithm of the system

The mathematics of Playtech games works so that the RTP of different slots is always the same. If a player selects a specific game and will play it constantly or change the game, the percentage of returns will always be similar. Thus, it excludes the possibility of finding a "winning loophole."

To create the illusion of victory, mathematics can work in several ways. Thus, at one time, the system has a low percentage of return, after which it is increased or vice versa. In this way, Playtech does not give players the ability to predict when to play and when not.

Through this algorithm, you, as the casino owner, will receive from 18% to 27% of the total income from deposits, and your players will be satisfied with the gain. As a result, you get profits and happy customers at once!

How to attract players?

You only need to create a comfortable atmosphere in the club to keep the client in for a long time. Due to the advanced mathematics of Playtech’s software, many players quickly get into the game. The system can start handing out prizes to lure new players and gain trust, after which it can generate profits to casinos. This method is the most efficient as it both keeps players engaged and helps operators to increase their revenue.

Can the system be rigged?

Operators are always worried whether there is a possibility of bugs in the game or fraud on the client's side. Playtech takes care of safety and creates unique algorithms, which provides unpredictable outcomes. By utilising Playtech Gaming System, you can prevent any fraudulent activities.

The best programmers develop the Playtech Casino system and update it periodically to fix bugs and glitches. Moreover, Playtech Gaming Software is licensed and has been repeatedly tested by many authorities and organisations. Therefore, we recommend our partners to avoid purchasing counterfeit versions of Playtech Casino. Remember that stable and high-quality results can be guaranteed only by the original version of the system.

Therefore, if you want to build a profitable business, it is necessary to cooperate with the original Playtech Casino System. By working with us, you can get the most favourable conditions and a 100% guarantee of player satisfaction.