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Unique Payout Algorythm

Gambling payout, or RTP (Return To Player) percentage, is an important part of the original game Playtech system and it is consistent with international GLI standards established for casinos and gambling industry https://gaminglabs.com/.

Playtech company is proud of its excellent reputation in the world of gambling and therefore, the percentage of return player slots varies only within 95.6- 96.5%.
What does this mean?

Strictly designated Playtech mathematics is necessary in the first place to extend your customer lifecycle. By playing Playtech online slots, the player gets in return a certain percentage of his bets. Thus, the client of your game the club will not lose interest in the game, constantly losing. Slight gains will only heat up the interest and excitement of the client.

The algorithm of the system

Playetech games math works in such way that the percentage of returns in different slots is always the same. If a player selects a certain game and will play it constantly or it will change the game - the percentage of returns will always be the same. Thus, it excludes the possibility to find a "winning a loophole."

In order to create the illusion of winning, mathematics can work in several ways. Thus, in one time, the system has a low percentage recoil, after which it is increased or vice versa. In this way, Playtech does not give chances to players to predict when to play and when not.

Through this algorithm works, you as the owner of the casino, will accure from 18 to 27% of the revenue of the total deposits, and your customers will be satisfied with gain which will not cause damage to your earnings. As a result: You get profits and satisfied customers at once!

How to attract players?

Due to the complicated mathematics Playtech software, a large number of players to quickly gets into the game. The system can start handing out prizes to lure new players and inspiring trust, after which it will begin to take the money back. You only need to create a comfortable atmosphere in the club to keep the client in for a long time. This method is the most efficient.

Is it possible to cheat the system?

The owners of gambling always worry if there is the likelihood of bugs in the game or fraud on the client side? Playtech took care of the safety and created a unique mathematics, which is impossible to calculate. By purchasing Playtech gaming system, you will be fully protected from fraud on the part of players. Playtech Casino system is designed by the best programmers and periodically carries out an update to eliminate bugs and glitches.

Playtech gaming software is licensed and has repeatedly tested by many users. Therefore, we warn our partners from buying counterfeit versions of Playtech Casino. Remember that a stable and high-quality results can be guaranteed only by the original version of the system!

Therefore, if you want to build a profitable business, it is necessary to take care of cooperation with the original Playtech Casino system. Working with us, you will get not only the most favorable conditions, but also a 100% guarantee product quality.
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