Beware of SCAM

Information for partners!

Pirated and counterfeit software often cause trouble, which leads to data and money loss. Playtech cares about its customers and pays special attention to the safety of the product and its users' security.

Some of the problems that may appear when using pirated software:

1. Dishonest players can change the RTP in unlicensed software. Thus, casinos might be deceived and lose money. The licensed software sets a fixed rate, which no one but you can change.

2. An attacker can easily fake a win and steal money from you by using an unlicensed program. Original software excludes such possibilities.

3. Attackers can access players' personal information and use it for their purposes or transfer it to third parties.

All in all, remember that counterfeit software has only one purpose - to benefit its creator and nothing else. Beware of fakes, pirated versions, and counterfeits because the acquisition of such has much more pitfalls than it seems at first glance.

Externally, a counterfeit version of the Playtech software can not be held nor any threat and supposedly saves, but the reality is quite different. At counterfeit software is only one goal - to benefit its creator, hitting the user, and not otherwise.

The software from Playtech company, will allow you to not worry about the safety of their personal data and their wallet. Original software is primarily a safety and security, which the company Playtech provides its users as for use, and on the end use of the product. Licensed software created that would work to your advantage.

Beware of fakes, pirated versions, and counterfeits, because the acquisition of such has much more pitfalls than it seems at first glance. The above-mentioned risks, represent only a small part of the consequences of the use of unlicensed software.