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Playtech Software Description

Playtech Casino Software is a licensed product that helps land-based casinos and entertainment clubs increase engagement rate and profitability. The main advantage of Playtech gaming software is the security of the system.

Playtech games

The company develops the software using cutting-edge technology, including 3D-graphics, surround sound, full-screen mode and cross-platform compatibility. Each game will impress your visitors with colourful design and high-quality graphics, exciting scripts and animations.

The list of Playtech games include:

  • Video slots
  • Video Poker
  • Arcades
  • Sketch-cards
  • Jackpot games and much more.

Playtech utilises advanced technological developments that ensure high user engagement. In this way, you increase the traffic of your casino and maximise your revenue!

Playtech Software

To put it simply, all the basic processes are placed on servers based in Europe and the connection is carried out through the internet. You don’t have to install the software because everything is happening online!

No need to worry about any inspection - from the legal point of view of the interactive club is positioning itself as an internet cafe and to prove the gambling activity will be extremely difficult.

Playtech support

We provide you with 24/7 technical support on the Playtech platform. Our well-trained team addresses any inquiries regarding the work with the system at any time.

Frequent Questions and Answers

Where to start in connecting Playtech Systems?

Technical requirements

Playtech Casino System requires specific set of equipment to guarantee smooth functionality.

Recommended parameters:

  • CPU: 2 GHz +;
  • RAM: 2 Gb;
  • HDD free space: 1.3 GB;
  • GPU: 256MB memory, 32-bit color support, (1400x1050 resolution or higher);
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7;
  • Internet Connection: 750Kbit/s and above (for Live-games);
  • Additional software: Flash Player 11.1+, Internet Explorer.
Minimal parameters:
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz;
  • RAM: 1 GB;
  • GPU: 128MB memory, color support 18-bit (1280x800 resolution or higher);
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP;
  • Internet Connection: 512 kb / s or higher (for Live-games);
  • Additional software: Flash Player 10.2, Internet Explorer.

How to get Original Playtech Software?

Obtaining original Playtech Software is a straightforward process. Just fill out the form on the website, and the account manager will contact you. After payment, our technical department provides you with all the necessary information about software installation, and within 24-hours, you are ready to go!

How to open a new lan-based casino or interactive club?
  • Rent a space for the future casino.
  • Purchase the necessary equipment in compliance with the technical requirements.
  • Get necessary additional supplies (peripherals, furniture).
  • Connect to a local Internet Provider (stable connection is a must).
  • Connect Playtech gaming platform.
  • Connect the payment system.

If you follow these steps, you can quickly and easily run your gambling operations.

What do I get with Playtech Software?

By purchasing a licensed Playtech gambling system, you will get many opportunities in gambling operations. This includes having a wide range of popular games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, slots and live dealer titles. In addition to all this variety, the official Playtech dealer offers the following benefits:

  • 24/7 Deposit & Technical Support
  • Loyalty system
  • Regular updates and improvements of the system
  • New games and performance upgrades
  • Safety and Privacy

Getting the system from an authorized Playtech distributor, you get the best quality of service, without intermediaries, professional technical support 24/7 and the original software.

How to connect the payment systems?

For a convenient and simple transaction process, you will need to connect with payment providers. This can be done by installing a payment terminal or e-wallets such as PayPal and WebMoney.

In addition to providing software & support, we can help our clients with the connection of payment systems. For consultations, fill the form, and then our manager will contact you as soon as possible.

How do gamblers refill their balance?

Clients can refill their balance by payment terminals or online payment systems.

How do gamblers get their winnings?

Withdrawal of funds is carried out through the same system customers refill their balance: online wallets/ CC cards or cash from the club's cashier.

Playtech Software for your entertainment club without intermediaries and overpayments!

Why choose us?

The original Playtech system from the official dealer

The official Playtech representative

We are a certified Playtech Software Dealer

Beneficial conditions

By working with us, you get the most competitive price

Technical support 24/7

Playtech offers 24/7 technical support to provide the best conditions for its partners

Balance Refills

We are here 24/7 to ensure smooth operations.

How we are working?

Submit the application form
Provide your contact details
Personal account manager
Specially Assigned personal manager will contact you within 5 minutes
Installation of the system
Setup and adjustment of the system within 24 hours
Playtech Casino Software is ready for use

A wide range of Playtech games

Playtech platform includes more than 200 different games of different genres

Top 10 games

Playtech Casino is a ready-to-use set of most popular games among which we should highlight the slots, online roulette, poker, blackjack, arcades, and a variety of themed games

Entertainment Games

Playtech Casino offers you a great selection of entertaining games such as Slots, Arcades, Keno, as well as Sports games

Virtual Scratch Cards

Online Playtech Casino offers access to the multiple virtual scratch cards.

Card games

Card games is Playtech Software core fuctionality, including poker, blackjack, baccarat, and others.

Video Poker

Playtech Casino offers more than twenty varieties of video poker, in classic and modern designs

Classic games

Classic games - basics for your business. Easy recognizable by the players, slots will definitely attract the core target audience

Jackpot games

Progressive jackpots make part of the advanced functions available for wide range of games by Playtech

Video Slots

Absolute leader in attracting your visitors - Video Slots. Playtech Casino Software features a variety of different slots for the maximum profitability of your business!

Playtech Reviews

High Quality System! I've connected the system about 2 months ago and I am very pleased with the system. Playtech connected and configured whole system of about 3 hours, refilled the balance and put it together ready to work. Flawless work, no single faulty at the moment

3 clubs

I work with Playtech with more than one year, and so far no plans to change the platform. I tried many other systems, but only with Playtech I feel confident in terms of the system stability. No need to install anything, deposit refilled quickly.

1 club

Original system! Previously I used the pirated products from informal dealers in the end everything worked poorly, the constant freezes and glitches, slow refills, no support. When switched to a licensed version, all the problems disappeared, from the freezes to the smooth operation of the platform. For myself, I made a conclusion - definitely working only with authorized Playtech distributor.

2 clubs

Among all the available platforms, I chose Playtech Casino. The simplest and the most convenient solution. I especially like the fact that it is not necessary to connect multiple systems to get a complete set of functionality - all in one software.

Quick service, fast refills. Very satisfied!

3 clubs
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